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New year, new reading goal(s)!

Reading goals for 2012:

English: as many books as I feel like.
Dutch: see English
Japanese: at least 10, 12 if I can!
French books: 3 will be enough this year!

Total books to read: 75


Result reading challenge this year

Goal for this year was:

English books: 50
Japanese books: at least 5, if possible, 7-10
French: at least 1 whole book, or maybe finish one of those I've started.


English books: 53, Some of these are plays, I'm not sure if that's cheating but I really enjoy them a lot.
Japanese books: 7, but more if I count the short stories and manga.
French books: 2
Dutch books: 10, probably 11 by the end of this year.

Conclusion: I'm very happy with the result. 85 books a year is more than enough for me though. Sometimes I lose interest in what I'm reading and don't know what to read next, then it gets really hard to motivate myself to read (more). I think it's also because I read  more slowly in Japanese.

I do hope to read more Japanese and French books next year. Reading makes it a lot easier to think in that language, so it definitely pays off.

Japanese & French: notes

1. I can read French books a lot faster than Japanese books. A LOT
2. I can express myself more easily in French than in Japanese (while a few months ago it was still the other way around? Wonder if reading books in French can make such a huge difference for me.)
3. After reading a French book, it becomes a lot easier for me to think in French. I wish the same was true for Japanese but unfortunately it's not. (Maybe because I can't read them as quickly? Because reading still seems to be harder in Japanese so I don't as much in the same timespan? )

Conclusion: It'd be good to read more French books because if I keep it up, it'll be a lot easier to become fluent.

National holiday

and we still don't have a new government!

Okay okay... things are looking better now, so hopefully we'll have a government soon!

Jun. 16th, 2011

I'm not sure how I did it but I have 84% for Japanese this year. Sure sure, it's only evening school but I'm still very happy with it. Now on to my 6th year!

I can say my French is getting better too but I'm still not very good at it because I don't use/practise it enough. I mostly care about Japanese. I'm not sure if that's a bad thing although it can be annoying at times. Yesterday was one of those moments. I had to speak to a French speaker on the phone, I couldn't give a detailed explanation so I told her to call back on Monday or Wednesday. I couldn't remember the word for Tuesday although it came back to me afterwards (so typical!)!
Anyway, the lady seemed to be annoyed that I couldn't give more details and that she had to call back later when my boss is in. She said she doesn't understand Dutch. Hereupon I told her I could explain it in English and then she replied she doesn't understand that either. *sigh* So I should improve my French just for her? It annoys me that my French is not adequate enough but please, I'm trying my best, I (try to) speak several languages. She obviously only spoke French...
Today I visited my aunt and ended up going to the hopital with her and her son, to visit my grandmother. I had planned to study for my exams... My schedule is a complete mess already, but oh well, tomorrow is a new day? I still have to plan lots of things for my trip to London too. I'll manage somehow I guess/hope.

I have some good news though, a friend offered to proofread the short story I translated. She thinks I should start a blog and post my translations, she even asked me to translate another by the same author. I said I will translate it for her, but not right away :-).

It's been a while~

I had my last Japanese test last week. I think it went okay, I should have passed. I have at least one more year to go. Maybe 3 if there are enough students next year.

I've been translating manga for a few years now, so yesterday I thought it was time I tried translating a short story. It went okay I think. I let 2 persons read it, one person got the clue right away, the other one didn't but it was past midnight for her, haha.

I'm not sure if I should post my translations here, although I wouldn't mind sharing it with other people.


Study series by Maria V. Snyder

I really liked the first book in the series. I LOVED Magic Study! Now I'm almost done with Fire Study but I'm really disappointed. I guess I had high hopes for this book, bu unfortunately it keeps reminding me of the previous books because the heroine makes the same mistakes. You'd think/hope she'd have learnt something from her mistakes in the first two books.

I loved the first part of the book though but in the second half some things just made no sense to me. I want to move on to something else soon.

Anyway, since I did love one of her books, I'll give her Glass series a try later on.

Book goals/challenge?

I've just done a quick count of how many english books I've read last year so I can set a goal for this year.

Last year:

English books: 38
Japanese: 2 + some I started reading but quit because a) they were to hard for me or b) I wasn't really interested in the story.  (If you count mangas too, then I've read more but I'm not going to count those right now.)
French: I started 2 books but never finished them... *sigh*

Goal for this year:

English books: 50
Japanese books: at least 5, if possible, 7-10
French: at least 1 whole book, or maybe finish one of those I've started.

So far:

Read: 31
English: 26
Japanese: 2
Other languages: 3

Wonder if I should set a goal for dutch too? haha

2 more exams tomorrow

Last week my exams went pretty well. I hadn't expected that. I don't think I will have really good grades though. As long as I pass, I'll be happy...
Somehow I'm quite confident about those 2 exams tomorrow. Is it because it's less theory and more practical stuff? I have no idea. Anyway, let's hope those go well too^^.